Reference Goats

Listed below are goats that have been part of my farm in the past and whose genetics remain a part of my herd.



Wildheart Homestead Pippin

Nigerian dwarf, purebred AGS #: D-82399 MDGA #: ND00262 Pippin came to me from his breeder at Wildheart Farm. He is a flashy boy whose smaller size does not sacrifice quality. He is well built and has excellent milkers in his bloodlines. Sire: Nigerian Meadows Wilson (AGS: D-65442) Dam: Nigerian Meadows Marabelle (AGS: D-70346)

Doublebow Simcha

Doe: Mini-Lamancha (F2 Grade, 62.50% LaMancha/37.40% ND) MDGA #: GXL00072 DOB: 03/20/2010 Sire: A2Z Obrigado (#: XL01449h) Dam: Doublebow Ziva (#: GXL00025) Simcha came to my farm from My Little Red Tractor farm in 2016 as a six-year-old, fifth freshener. I purchased several of Simcha’s doelings with the hope of capturing some of her incredible … Continue reading Doublebow Simcha

Santee Field Mary

Grade Alpine (NOA) ADGA #: GA1756140 DOB: 3/6/2014 Mary was the first alpine goat to come to my farm and she persuaded me to further pursue the breed. She was bred by a small commercial goat dairy, Celebrity Dairy. Although she came from purebred stock, the producer at Celebrity does not show goats and therefore … Continue reading Santee Field Mary

Two Girls Bonnie Lee

Doe: Mini-Lamancha (F3 American, 55.03% LaMancha/44.67% ND) MDGA #: AML03200 DOB: 4/23/2016 Sire: GoGo’s Mosaic Splash me Happy (#: Xl02105) Dam: Long Branch Lottie Blue (AML02577) “Blue,” as I called her, now lives at Barnelee Farm.

Santee Field Jasmine

Doe: Mini-Lamancha (F1 Experimental, 40.63% LaMancha/59.37% ND) MDGA #: XL03276 DOB: 5/1/2016 Sire: Wildheart Homestead Pippin (#: ND00262) Dam: My Little Gemma (#: GXL00147) Jazz went to her new home at the Elks Family Farm in August 2017, where I hope she will pass on her granddam’s long and productive milking genetics.  

My Little Lori

Doe: Mini-Lamancha (F3 Grade, 81.25% LaMancha/18.75% Nigerian) MDGA #: GXL00149 DOB: 01/09/2016 Sire: Majenli EC Ezekiel (ADGA purebred lamancha, #: L1716917) Dam: Doublebow Simcha (F2 grade mini-lamancha, 62.5% LM, 37.5% ND, #: GXL00072) Lori is half-sister to Gemma. Her sire brings exceptional genetics to this line of minis. She is very correct and a joy … Continue reading My Little Lori

My Little Gemma

Doe: Mini-Lamancha (F3 Grade, 81.25% LaMancha/18.75% Nigerian) MDGA #: GXL00147 DOB: 1/12/2015 Sire: Honey Road BJ Chances Are (ADGA purebred lamancha, #: L1645070) Dam: Doublebow Simcha (F2 grade mini-lamancha, 62.5% LM, 37.5% ND, #: GXL00072) Gemma’s dam is the goat that persuaded me to give lamanchas a try. Simcha’s udder, overall size and quiet demeanor … Continue reading My Little Gemma

Santee Field Hollyhock

Mini-alpine, F1 Grade (37.5% A/50% ND/12.5% Unknown) MDGA #: GXA00025 Sire: His Will Buster Brown (#: D-67046) Dam: Merry Oaks CaliforniaDreamin’ (#: GA1756139) Holly is a solid built doe. She has the length and correct legs of her sire combined with the flashy colors from Dreamer. Her conformation is impeccable. She was raised as a … Continue reading Santee Field Hollyhock

Two Girls Clyde Lee

Buck: Mini-Lamancha (F3 American, 55.03% LaMancha/44.67% Nigerian) MDGA #: AML03199 DOB: 4/23/2016 Sire: GoGo’s Mosaic Splash me Happy (#: Xl02105) Dam: Long Branch Lottie Blue (AML02577) Clyde is the brother of Bonnie. He is now shared between Elks Family Farm and Barnelee Farm.  

Santee Field Melisandre

Mini-alpine, F1 Grade (50% A/ 25% ND/ 25% Unknown) MDGA #: GXA00024 Sire: Ranchocabra Special Dark (#: XA00560) Dam: Santee Field Mary (#: GA1756140) Everything about this doe screams Alpine. Millie’s dam, despite being native on appearance, was a powerhouse milker, and I expect that Millie will live up to the strong dairy genetics on … Continue reading Santee Field Melisandre