Reference Goats

Listed below are goats that have been part of my farm in the past and whose genetics remain a part of my herd.



Dozy Doe Down G Handsome Is

Nigerian dwarf, Purebred, Polled ADGA #: D1830116P Sire: Some Day Came MG FL Graffiti (D1725358P) Dam: Dozy Doe Down SH Bella (D1664594) I acquired Handsome with the goal of adding polled genetics to my herd. He is small, true to the Nigerian standard, but wide and solid. His offspring have also been correct and on … Continue reading Dozy Doe Down G Handsome Is

Wildheart Homestead Pippin

Nigerian dwarf, purebred AGS #: D-82399 MDGA #: ND00262 Pippin came to me from his breeder at Wildheart Farm. He is a flashy boy whose smaller size does not sacrifice quality. He is well built and has excellent milkers in his bloodlines. Sire: Nigerian Meadows Wilson (AGS: D-65442) Dam: Nigerian Meadows Marabelle (AGS: D-70346)

Doublebow Simcha

Doe: Mini-Lamancha (F2 Grade, 62.50% LaMancha/37.40% ND) MDGA #: GXL00072 DOB: 03/20/2010 Sire: A2Z Obrigado (#: XL01449h) Dam: Doublebow Ziva (#: GXL00025) Simcha came to my farm from My Little Red Tractor farm in 2016 as a six-year-old, fifth freshener. I purchased several of Simcha’s doelings with the hope of capturing some of her incredible … Continue reading Doublebow Simcha

Santee Field Mary

Grade Alpine (NOA) ADGA #: GA1756140 DOB: 3/6/2014 Mary was the first alpine goat to come to my farm and she persuaded me to further pursue the breed. She was bred by a small commercial goat dairy, Celebrity Dairy. Although she came from purebred stock, the producer at Celebrity does not show goats and therefore … Continue reading Santee Field Mary

Two Girls Bonnie Lee

Doe: Mini-Lamancha (F3 American, 55.03% LaMancha/44.67% ND) MDGA #: AML03200 DOB: 4/23/2016 Sire: GoGo’s Mosaic Splash me Happy (#: Xl02105) Dam: Long Branch Lottie Blue (AML02577) “Blue,” as I called her, now lives at Barnelee Farm.

Moores Pond Pipit’s Latte

Mini-alpine, F1 (50% A/50% ND) MDGA #: XA00629 Sire: Gypsy Moon DH Gryphon (#: D1604075) Dam: Moores Pond Farm Jack’s Pipit (#: A1689258) Latte is the full sister of Mocha. Latte is slightly bigger and wider than her sister. She sacrificed some dairy character for her width, but she is very long and correct. She … Continue reading Moores Pond Pipit’s Latte

Santee Field Jasmine

Doe: Mini-Lamancha (F1 Experimental, 40.63% LaMancha/59.37% ND) MDGA #: XL03276 DOB: 5/1/2016 Sire: Wildheart Homestead Pippin (#: ND00262) Dam: My Little Gemma (#: GXL00147) Jazz went to her new home at the Elks Family Farm in August 2017, where I hope she will pass on her granddam’s long and productive milking genetics.  

Spinning Spider Living Truth

American Alpine ADGA #: AA1782439 DOB: 2/13/2016 Sire: Tempo Aquila RR Living It Up (*B AA1612750) Dam: SG Spinning Spider WS Respect (4*M AA1557402) DOB: 2/13/2016 I acquired Trudy in November 2017 as a bred doe, after having purchased her daughter, Beezus, earlier that year. The pedigree of this doe speaks for itself. She is … Continue reading Spinning Spider Living Truth

My Little Lori

Doe: Mini-Lamancha (F3 Grade, 81.25% LaMancha/18.75% Nigerian) MDGA #: GXL00149 DOB: 01/09/2016 Sire: Majenli EC Ezekiel (ADGA purebred lamancha, #: L1716917) Dam: Doublebow Simcha (F2 grade mini-lamancha, 62.5% LM, 37.5% ND, #: GXL00072) Lori is half-sister to Gemma. Her sire brings exceptional genetics to this line of minis. She is very correct and a joy … Continue reading My Little Lori

My Little Gemma

Doe: Mini-Lamancha (F3 Grade, 81.25% LaMancha/18.75% Nigerian) MDGA #: GXL00147 DOB: 1/12/2015 Sire: Honey Road BJ Chances Are (ADGA purebred lamancha, #: L1645070) Dam: Doublebow Simcha (F2 grade mini-lamancha, 62.5% LM, 37.5% ND, #: GXL00072) Gemma’s dam is the goat that persuaded me to give lamanchas a try. Simcha’s udder, overall size and quiet demeanor … Continue reading My Little Gemma

Santee Field Hollyhock

Mini-alpine, F1 Grade (37.5% A/50% ND/12.5% Unknown) MDGA #: GXA00025 Sire: His Will Buster Brown (#: D-67046) Dam: Merry Oaks CaliforniaDreamin’ (#: GA1756139) Holly is a solid built doe. She has the length and correct legs of her sire combined with the flashy colors from Dreamer. Her conformation is impeccable. She was raised as a … Continue reading Santee Field Hollyhock

Two Girls Clyde Lee

Buck: Mini-Lamancha (F3 American, 55.03% LaMancha/44.67% Nigerian) MDGA #: AML03199 DOB: 4/23/2016 Sire: GoGo’s Mosaic Splash me Happy (#: Xl02105) Dam: Long Branch Lottie Blue (AML02577) Clyde is the brother of Bonnie. He is now shared between Elks Family Farm and Barnelee Farm.  

Santee Field Melisandre

Mini-alpine, F1 Grade (50% A/ 25% ND/ 25% Unknown) MDGA #: GXA00024 Sire: Ranchocabra Special Dark (#: XA00560) Dam: Santee Field Mary (#: GA1756140) Everything about this doe screams Alpine. Millie’s dam, despite being native on appearance, was a powerhouse milker, and I expect that Millie will live up to the strong dairy genetics on … Continue reading Santee Field Melisandre