Mini-Alpine Bucks

I currently own one very exceptional proven F1 mini-alpine buck as well as a yearling F2 mini-alpine.

I do not offer my bucks for stud service to prevent potential disease introduction to my herd.


Ranchocabra Special Dark

Mini-Alpine (F1) 50%/50% MDGA #: XA00560 DOB: 3/5/2015 Sire: Tiny Town AL Sterling Dam: Seven-Maples WLRH Mixi Dark is large for a mini, but stunning. His dam is an excellent quality purebred alpine (2014 LA score 86 VVV+) and his sire has equally exceptional bloodlines, with his dam having received elite doe status in 2013 … Continue reading Ranchocabra Special Dark

Santee Field Prince

Mini-Alpine, F2 (50% A/50% ND) MDGA #: XA00784 Sire: Ranchocabra Special Dark (XA00560) Dam: Moores Pond Pipit’s Mocha (XA00630) Prince was retained from Mocha’s first set of twins last year. He is long and straight like his sire, but also has lots of dairy character from his dam’s side. He is still unproven but shows … Continue reading Santee Field Prince