Alpine and Mini-Alpine Does

My farm is currently home to three American Alpine, three F1 mini-alpine, and one F2 mini-alpine does.


Moores Pond Pipit’s Mocha

Mini-alpine, F1 (50% A/50% ND) MDGA #: XA00630 Sire: Gypsy Moon DH Gryphon (#: D1604075) Dam: Moores Pond Farm Jack’s Pipit (#: A1689258) DOB: 5/25/2015 Mocha was one of the first mini-alpines to join my herd. Her pedigree includes exceptional animals on both sides (Pipit appraised at 84 +V+V as a first freshener and her … Continue reading Moores Pond Pipit’s Mocha

Milking Momma B Alice

American Alpine ADGA #: AA1756137 DOB: 4/15/2015 Sire: Montage RHTR Buddy (#: AA1713619) Dam: Doe-River Bella’s Abeka (#: AA1570212) DOB: 4/15/2015 Alice is built to be a milking powerhouse. Her dam was well loved in the Milking Momma herd for her high production. She has matured into a large, nicely balanced doe that is solid … Continue reading Milking Momma B Alice

Ranchocabra Carolina Girl

Mini-Alpine, F1 (50% A, 50% ND) MDGA #: XA00792 Sire: Buttin’Heads Natella Ferero (ND00114) Dam: Nodaway Schack Raffle and Roll (A1698136) DOB: 3/27/2017 Carrie is the tomboy of the herd! Her flashy coloring is frosting on the cake when combined with the dairy genetics behind her. She freshened on 2/10/2019 and has a beautiful, capacious … Continue reading Ranchocabra Carolina Girl

The Moore’s Beezus

Mini-Alpine, F1 (50% A/50% ND) MDGA #: XA00810 Sire: CH Terra Bella ST The Flash *B (D1714706) Dam: Spinning Spider Living Truth (AA1782439) DOB: 3/9/2017 Beezus is a wide and stocky girl. She inherited that strong alpine appearance from her dam, and her sire is nothing to scoff at (now a permanent champion). She freshened … Continue reading The Moore’s Beezus

Santee Field Merida

Mini-Alpine, F2 (50% A/50% ND) MDGA: XA00924 Sire: Ranchocabra Special Dark (XA00560) Dam: Moores Pond Pipit’s Mocha (XA00630) DOB: 2/21/2018 When Merida was born, she was so big and bulky that I immediately thought she must be a buckling. I was ecstatic to discover that she was a doe, and what a beauty she is! … Continue reading Santee Field Merida

Milking Momma H Penelope

American Alpine ADGA #: AA1958330 Sire: Montage RD Harambe (AA1887704) Dam: Milking Momma R Kylo (GA1807021) DOB: 4/7/2018 Penelope was a special pick from the Milking Momma herd for her smaller size. She is an alpine unrelated to any of my other does, and should therefore be able to contribute some much-needed genetic diversity to … Continue reading Milking Momma H Penelope

The Moore’s Barely True

Mini-Alpine, F1 (50% A/50% ND) MDGA #: XA00926p Sire: Luv Lil Mtn CH Tristan (D91683908P) Dam: Spinning Spider Living Truth (AA1782439) DOB: 2/28/2018 Bare is a wattled, polled doeling from Trudy’s 2018 kids. She is the full sister of Fact Checker and a half sister of Beezus. Trudy definitely left her stamp on her, since … Continue reading The Moore’s Barely True