Alpine and Mini-Alpine Does

My farm is currently home to two F1 mini-alpines, two F1 grade mini-alpines, and one American alpine doe.

Updated images will be provided as they become available.


Moores Pond Pipit’s Latte

Mini-alpine, F1 (50% A/50% ND) MDGA #: XA00629 Sire: Gypsy Moon DH Gryphon (#: D1604075) Dam: Moores Pond Farm Jack’s Pipit (#: A1689258) Latte is the full sister of Mocha. Latte is slightly bigger and wider than her sister. She sacrificed some dairy character for her width, but she is very long and correct. She … Continue reading Moores Pond Pipit’s Latte

Moores Pond Pipit’s Mocha

Mini-alpine, F1 (50% A/50% ND) MDGA #: XA00630 Sire: Gypsy Moon DH Gryphon (#: D1604075) Dam: Moores Pond Farm Jack’s Pipit (#: A1689258) Mocha is the full sister of Latte. She inherited more of her dam’s dairy character. Her dam is an exceptional purebred alpine (Pipit appraised at 84 +V+V as a first freshener and … Continue reading Moores Pond Pipit’s Mocha

Milking Momma B Alice

American Alpine ADGA #: AA1756137 DOB: 4/15/2015 Sire: Montage RHTR Buddy (#: AA1713619) Dam: Doe-River Bella’s Abeka (#: AA1570212) Alice is built to be a milking powerhouse. Her dam is well loved in the Milking Momma herd for her high production. She has matured into a nicely balanced doe that is solid all around. She … Continue reading Milking Momma B Alice

Santee Field Hollyhock

Mini-alpine, F1 Grade (37.5% A/50% ND/12.5% Unknown) MDGA #: GXA00025 Sire: His Will Buster Brown (#: D-67046) Dam: Merry Oaks CaliforniaDreamin’ (#: GA1756139) Holly is a solid built doe. She has the length and correct legs of her sire combined with the flashy colors from Dreamer. Her conformation is one of the best in my … Continue reading Santee Field Hollyhock

Santee Field Melisandre

Mini-alpine, F1 Grade (50% A/ 25% ND/ 25% Unknown) MDGA #: GXA00024 Sire: Ranchocabra Special Dark (#: XA00560) Dam: Santee Field Mary (#: GA1756140) Everything about this doe screams Alpine. Millie’s dam, despite being native on appearance, was a powerhouse milker, and I expect that Millie will live up to the strong dairy genetics on … Continue reading Santee Field Melisandre