Growing up in Germany, the breed of goat that I was most familiar with resembled a small alpine. The aesthetic of this breed has always spoken to me, but I was originally surprised by how large purebred alpines are in this country. My desire is to breed a goat that still resembles the purebred alpines, but is smaller in stature and therefore easier to house and handle.

When I began my search for quality mini-alpines, I was somewhat surprised by how difficult it was to find stock. I therefore opted to include purebred and grade alpines in my herd that met my breeding goals, as well as purebred Nigerian dwarf bucks so that I could breed my own F1 mini-alpines with the knowledge that these were descended from quality dairy lines.


Mini-Alpine Bucks

I currently own one very exceptional proven F1 mini-alpine buck as well as three yearling F1 mini-alpine bucklings. I do not offer my bucks for stud service to prevent potential disease introduction to my herd.