2018 Kidding Schedule

My herd is tested annually for neg. CAE, CL, and Johne’s. North Carolina is a TB and Brucellosis free state.

Dams are vaccinated for CDT approximately 4 weeks before freshening. This is to ensure that good immunity is passed to their kids. All kids are disbudded and tattooed. Kids purchased after weaning will be treated for coccidia and vaccinated for CDT before they leave the farm.

Reservations are accepted through Paypal or cash in person. If possible, provide a first and second choice of kid(s). Deposits to hold a kid are $50 for doelings and registerable bucklings and $25 for wethers. Deposits cannot be refunded with the exception that the kids of your choice are not born or become unavailable.

Kids are all bottle-raised. Discounts are possible for kids sold as bottle kids.

I reserve the right to retain any kid from any breeding.

Unregistered bucklings can be wethered at no additional cost.

Dam Sire Estimated Due Date Comments Price
 Moores Pond Pipit’s Latte Dozy Doe Down G Handsome Is  Born 2/15/2018  Kids will be registerable F1 mini-alpines, and may be polled All kids are spoken for
 Moores Pond Pipit’s Mocha  Ranchocabra Special Dark  Born 2/21/2018  Kids will be registerable F2 mini-alpines  All kids are retained
Milking Momma B Alice Dozy Doe Down G Handsome Is  Born 3/11/2018  Kids will be registered F1 mini-alpines  1 buckling retained

1 buckling is available – $150

Spinning Spider Living Truth Luv Lil Mtn CH Tristan Born 2/28/2018 Kids will be registered F1 mini-alpines All kids are retained
 Does in Milk
Moore’s Pond Pipit’s Latte  I am offering Latte as a doe in milk. Please contact for inquiries.  $300