Goats and Kids for Sale

My herd is tested annually to ensure CAE/Johnes/CL negative status. Records are available on request. All kids are disbudded or polled.


2019 Kids For Sale

Santee Field Terra – $300

Terra is a beautiful, flashy little doe with a big personality! She has been bottle raised, but is now old enough to be weaned. She will come with the paperwork necessary to have her registered with MDGA.

Santee Field Barely Brown – $150


Brownie is a sharp and angular 75% nigerian/25% alpine buckling. He has very strong legs and pasterns, and amazing dairy genetics on both sides of his pedigree, plus he is polled! Bare is a yearling first freshener, but is milking exceptionally well (1 gallon/day) and has a beautiful soft udder with well placed, long teats. Brownie is being bottle raised and is available at any time as a bottle kid, or can be placed on hold until he is weaned.

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