Miniature Dairy Goats

Miniature dairy goats (“minis”) are the result of crossing standard-sized dairy goats with nigerian dwarf goats in order to produce a smaller animal while still maintaining the defining characteristics of the larger breed. I decided to focus on minis in my herd due to the desire to have a medium-sized goat that is highly productive and easier to hand milk than Nigerian dwarfs. My breeds of focus are mini-alpines and mini-lamancha. I also have purebred and grade alpine does and purebred nigerian dwarf bucks in order to produce my own first generation mini-alpines. I plan to increase the generations in the future in order to reach purebred status for my minis. I do not currently show my goats, but may become involved with this and other evaluation methods in the future.

For additional information regarding miniature dairy goats, visit the MDGA website.

The herd is tested annually for CAE, Johnes, and CL and all animals are currently negative for these diseases.