Mangalitsa & Kunekune Hogs

My farm is home to a small group of heritage breed hogs. I decided early on that I wanted to work with both kunekunes and mangalitsas, as both of these breeds are known to be hardy and well suited for life on pasture. Kunekunes have the added benefit of being relatively small (a desired trait in my case due to space limitations), while mangalitsas are famed for the incredible quality of their meat. My Kunekune sows are partially mixed with AGH (American Guinea Hog), which has influenced their features as well.

By blending the breeds, I hope to combine the meat quality and build of the mangalitsas with the temperament, size, and grazing tendencies of the kunekunes.

Available Hogs/Litters

Pepper farrowed her first litter 7/20/2017. Oscar (swallowbellied mangalitsa) is the sire. Her pigs are 50% Mangalitsa/37.5% Kunekune/12.5% AGH. All appear reddish blonde and some have spots. 4 barrows from this litter are currently available for $150/each.



Oscar – Swallowbellied Mangalitsa boar

Pepper – 75% Kunekune / 25% AGH sow (Ginger and Black)

Judy – Swallowbellied Mangalitsa sow