Wooly Bucks


JRAS’ Deliberate

Broken Black DOB: 12/3/2015 Deliberate is a young unproven buck who carries a nice head and an even nicer coat. His only fault is that he is missing a full butterfly nose marking.

Little Plantation’s Big Dipper

Broken Black Otter DOB: 2/6/2016 Dipper is a beautifully put together young buck with all of the desirable characteristics of the breed. He is petite with a compact, upright body, and a nicely rounded head.

Constellation Bunnies Brownie

Siamese Sable DOB: 1/8/2016 Brownie is a cute little boy with a big coat and small ears. His coat is a bit on the soft side for the breed. He has good type but doesn’t like to pose for the camera.