Jersey Woolies

Jersey Woolies are new to the farm as of 2016!

This breed was originally developed from a cross of Netherland dwarf and French angora rabbits. Woolies have the appearance of tiny angoras, with the wooly bodies of angoras but the size and compact bodies of Netherland dwarves. Their wool can be used much the same as angora fiber, but they produce only a tiny amount of wool, making them impractical for any type of commercial fiber production. The appeal of this breed is their compact size– easier to handle than the much larger angora breeds, and requiring less space to house– as well as their spunky, quirky personalities. Their wool also tends to be easier to manage than an angora, making them ideal as pets and fun to show. They have big hearts for being so small. It’s hard not to fall in love with this breed!

My jersey woolies are bred to ARBA breed standards.