New Angora Litters

This page will be updated with dates and pictures of kits as they become available. More pictures can be seen on the farm’s facebook page. If you are interested in purchasing a rabbit or would like to be added to the wait list for one of these litters, please email me at or by using the contact form.

Rabbit Sales Policy

Due to the delicate nature of baby bunnies, I do not take deposits to reserve kits prior to weaning. However, I can hold a kit at no cost until he/she is ready to be weaned if you contact me with your interest. The kits will be on hold for two weeks after weaning (12 weeks of age). If you fail to pick up the rabbit in that time or make other arrangements with me, the bunny will be made available to others. Weaned bunnies can be put on hold for up to two months for a $25 non-refundable deposit (via Paypal or cash in person).

All rabbits are sold fully weaned with 5-generation pedigrees and a sample of food/pellets for transitioning them to your home. Purebred German litters will come with IAGARB pedigrees and IAGARB-style tattoos.

If you have purchased a rabbit from me and decide, for any reason, that you are unable to keep him/her, I will take the rabbit back without refund. This policy exists for the life of the rabbit and is my way of keeping unwanted animals out of shelters. I understand that life– and allergies– happen and I want to ensure the best for any animal that I have bred.


Nutmeg (satin angora) x Pistachio

  • Purebred Satin angora litter (chocolate x chinchilla)
  • Born 4/12/2017
  • 1 REW buck available

H1723 – REW buck (purebred satin angora) – $50

This buck has phenomenal sheen and a nice body to go with it!


Moonshine x Alabaster

  • Hybrid litter: 53.1% Satin/29% French/17.9% German
  • Born 6/1/2017
  • 1 Ermine doe available – may carry chocolate (b) and broken (En)

H1714 – Ermine doe – $50

This doe has a flawless, pure-white coat– no grooming was needed for this picture! She also has a nice body beneath the wool and has a very calm disposition.


Rosemary x Alabaster

  • Purebred Satin angora litter (chocolate x ermine)
  • Born 8/10/2017
  • 1 black doe available

H1784 – Black doe (purebred Satin angora) – $75

This doe has excellent coat length and texture, and nice type. She has a few stray white hairs on her head, but could still be considered for a potential show/brood career.

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