Hybrid Does


DRF Mercury

Color: Sable agouti DOB: 3/8/2015 60.75% German/ 33% French/ 6.25% Giant Mercury was bred by a good friend of mine with bloodlines she acquired from me. She takes mostly after the Germans and is one of my most productive hybrids. An all-around lovely doe!

Hanna’s Bunny Hill Leesa

Color: Blue tort DOB: 4/28/2015 English/Satin/German/French Leesa is my color test breeder. Her dilute and recessive genetics are helpful for determining what colors are hidden in my German REW lines. She appears mostly French, but does have some satin sheen.

SFF Katniss

Color: Tricolor DOB: 11/26/2015 50% French/ 47% German/ 3% Satin Katniss was retained from the one and only litter out of one of my favorite harlequin does, Furiosa. Despite missing nose markings, she has good color saturation and exceptionally dense wool. I am hopeful that she will continue to carry on her mother’s strength.

SFF Sophia

Color: Chestnut agouti (high rufus) DOB: 9/19/2013 40.625% German/ 34.375% French/ 25% Satin Sophia was retained from the first litter of angoras born at my farm. She is a gorgeous red chestnut agouti. She has successfully raised several litters and is one of the best mothers in my herd. Her wool is a lovely bluish … Continue reading SFF Sophia

SFF Nutmeg

Color: Tricolor DOB: 04/26/2015 66% French/ 34% German Nutmeg easily has some of the best markings in my rabbitry, and she already has a legacy of passing on her colors to her kits. Her wool takes mostly after the French breed.