German Angora Bucks


Woolie Creations Troy

Color: Chocolate DOB: 03/20/2015 Troy still has some growing to do, but is shaping up nicely. He comes almost exclusively from Dark Starz lines. I have high hopes that will be bestow nice coats as well as color to his offspring.

Hippity Hop’s D’Artagnan

Color: REW DOB: 12/02/2014 Arty is an exceptional purebred German buck whose sire came directly from Leslie Samson of Samson’s Angoras. He is a big boy with a sweet personality and well synchronized coat.

SFF Enterprise

Color: VM Black with marbled eyes DOB: 01/10/2016 Enterprise was born and raised here at the farm. His color is not recognized by IAGARB, but I became enchanted with him from the beginning and his blue/brown eyes are hard to miss. His vienna genetics may come in useful for producing BEW German angoras. He has … Continue reading SFF Enterprise