Adult Rabbits for Sale

Please email me using the contact page if you are interested in purchasing one of these rabbits. I may have others available that are not pictured here. Discounts are possible for those interested in pairs or groups.

Satin Angoras

Windchaser’s Aurora – $50


  • Chocolate agouti doe
  • Purebred Satin angora
  • DOB: 6/6/2016

Aurora is a showable, proven, 2-yr old doe with excellent sheen and good type, bred by Windchaser’s Angoras. She has received positive comments on the show table, and has raised many beautiful babies for me. She has a sweet and gentle personality and is the type of rabbit that will sit calmly in your lap while you spin from her.

Slippery Slope Farm Dill – $50


  • Chinchilla buck
  • Purebred Satin angora
  • DOB: 11/24/2016

Although Dill came from the same breeder as Rosemary, the two are unrelated. He has excellent sheen, good density, and great type, but lacks staple length. Although he doesn’t stand a chance on the show table, he is extremely friendly and sweet. He is proven and I have been happy with the wool on his offspring. He could make a wonderful pet or continue his work as a breeder.

Windchaser’s Alabaster – $50


  • Ermine buck (carries dilute “d”)
  • Purebred Satin angora
  • DOB: 11/16/2016

Alabaster is a big beautiful boy who is not showable due to his color (ermine is not recognized by ARBA), but has produced lots of showable satin babies for me. He is proven and is now directly related to many of my rabbits. He is very friendly too!

Hybrid Angoras

SFF H1805 (Harli buck) – $50


  • Harlequin buck
  • Hybrid: 53.1% Satin/ 29% French/ 17.9% German
  • DOB: 6/27/2018

This young buck is showing all of the traits I have been breeding towards in my hybrids: a beautiful coat that is easy to maintain, correct color genetics for a harlequin, and a solid body underneath the wool. He would make a great herdsire or wooler.

SFF H1810 (Blue doe) – $50


  • Blue doe (may carry steel)
  • Hybrid: 50% French/ 50% Satin
  • DOB: 2/8/2018

I held on to this doe to see how she would mature, and she has not disappointed. She has both a nice coat and body. I will be keeping her sister and have a lot of other relatives in my herd, but I won’t be upset to see her stay either.

SFF Candy – $50


  • Torted harlequin doe
  • Hybrid: 58.1% French/ 35.65% German/ 6.25% Satin
  • DOB: 12/13/2016

(Pictured recently clipped) Candy is a proven mother and excellent wooler. She has produced several nice young rabbits for me and could be an asset to someone working on ej genetics in angoras, or for a fiber artist interested in getting unique wool colors. If used for breeding, she would be best paired with a fawn or a harli buck to remove the torted “aa” genetics.

SFF H1854 (Ermine doe) – $50


  • Ermine doe
  • Hybrid: 53.1% Satin/ 29% French/ 17.9% German
  • DOB: 6/27/2018

This young doe has a nice staple length and texture and will probably only get better with age!

SFF Sam – $75

  • Broken fawn buck
  • Hybrid: 50% French/ 47% German/ 3% Satin
  • DOB: 11/26/2015

Sam was retained from a litter out of my favorite harli doe, Furiosa. He is a very laid back buck. He is proven and definitely has added German style coats to his offspring. He could pair well with a harli doe to produce tricolors. Pictured in partial coat.

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