Adult Rabbits for Sale

Please email me using the contact page if you are interested in purchasing one of these rabbits. I may have others available that are not pictured here. Discounts are possible for those interested in pairs or groups.

 SFF Cressida – $125


  • Tricolor doe
  • Hybrid: 60.5% French/40.5% German/1.5% Satin angora
  • DOB: 5/2/2017

Cressida is a stunning tricolor doe who is the prime age to start breeding. She could use more area of color and more depth in her type, but she produces a lot of wool for her size. If bred thoughtfully, she could bring a lot of color and fiber to another herd. There is a 25% chance that she is homozygous ejej, meaning that all of her kits would be ej carriers and could express the harli/tricolor genetics.

SFF Cherry – ON HOLD


  • Harlequin doe
  • Hybrid: 63.25% French/36.75% German
  • DOB: 12/6/2017

Cherry is a winter baby from last year who is nearing 6 months of age. This girl has awesome color and good coat texture. She could use more depth to her type, but that is something this line still needs to be improved on. There is a 25%-50% chance that she is a homozygous ejej harlequin, which means that she might produce only more ej-colored rabbits (harlis, tricolors) when bred to fawn or broken fawn.

SFF Andy – $75


  • Broken Blue Tort buck
  • Hybrid: 43.75% English/25.3% Satin/19% French/11.95% German
  • DOB 1/27/2017

Despite his English genetics, Andy strongly resembles a French angora. He has matured on the large side and is a really nicely built buck. He is proven and recently sired a beautiful litter! I’m holding on to some of his offspring. It’s really time for this guy to find a new home!

SFF Lollipop – ON HOLD


  • Torted Harlequin doe
  • Hybrid: 54% French/41.3% German/4.7% Satin
  • DOB: 6/1/2017

Lollipop is an amazing fiber animal, producing density and re-growth on par with a German angora. She is a harlequin, but most of her variegated color is masked by the tort pattern. She would be great to breed to a fawn buck, to produce true harlis! I simply don’t have the space to breed her this season and believe someone else might make more use of her genetics.



  • Chocolate (or Lilac) Tort doe
  • Hybrid: 43.75% English/25.3% Satin/19% French/11.95% German
  • DOB 1/27/2017

Lola is the full sister of Andy. She has some facial furnishings and resembles a German angora more than anything else, although she does molt and is entirely pluckable. She has a very wide build but could use more depth over the hips. I really hate to offer this girl up, but I simply don’t have the space to breed her. She is still unproven.

SFF Cotton – $75


  • Broken Pearl doe
  • Hybrid: 53.1% Satin/29% French/17.9% German
  • DOB: 6/1/2017

Cotton is a large bodied, proven doe with a medium-length, easy care coat. She exhibits some satin sheen. She has an extremely laid back personality and doesn’t let anything bother her. She’s been an excellent mother and I’m keeping a daughter from her most recent litter. Unfortunately her color genetics are not a good match for my future goals, but there is much to love about this doe.

SFF Sam – $75


  • Broken fawn buck
  • Hybrid: 50% French/ 47% German/ 3% Satin
  • DOB: 11/26/2015

Sam was retained from a litter out of my favorite harli doe, Furiosa. He is a very laid back buck. He is proven and sired Lollipop (also for sale). He definitely has added German style coats to his offspring. He could pair well with a harli doe, such as Cherry, to produce tricolors. Pictured in partial coat.

HH’s D’Artagnan – $150


  • Purebred German Angora buck
  • REW – Carries Vienna and self (black)
  • DOB: 12/2/2014

Arty was bred by Kim Buterbaugh. He is out of Samson’s Romeo and HH’s Galadriel. Arty sired many litters for me and he still has the drive to “get the job done” even at 3.5 years old! When bred to colored does, he often throws vienna marked kits and blue/marbled eyes. Since I’m no longer breeding Germans, I’ve decided to offer him for sale for someone that might be interested in his bloodlines.

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