Adult Rabbits for Sale

Please email me using the contact page if you are interested in purchasing one of these rabbits. I may have others available that are not pictured here. Discounts are possible for those interested in multiple bunnies.

SFF Andy – $75

  • Hybrid buck
  • 43.75% English/25.3% Satin/19% French/11.95% German
  • DOB 1/27/2017

This buck was retained from Leesa’s litter last year. Despite his English genetics, he strongly resembles a French angora. He has matured on the larger side and is a really nicely built buck. I have decided to keep his sister and am making him available in order to free up cage space, although I won’t be upset if he stays! Andy is proven and recently sired a beautiful litter!


SFF Sam – $100

  • Broken fawn, or lightly marked tricolor
  • Hybrid buck: 50% French/47% German/3% Satin
  • DOB: 11/26/2016

Sam was retained from the last litter from my favorite harlequin doe, Furiosa. He had some markings that lead me to believe he was a tricolor as a kit, but he has since lightened to the appearance of a broken fawn. He has extremely dense wool that rarely sheds. He is a shy and easy-going buck, and sometimes takes some coaxing to persuade him to breed. Despite that, he is proven. I intend to retain some of his offspring.


Slippery Slope Farm Dill – $75


  • Purebred Satin angora (chinchilla)
  • DOB: 11/24/2016

Dill is a proven sire who has phenomenal sheen and nice type, but is lacking in length of coat. I am retaining one of his sons and have decided that it is time for him to move on. He is on the smaller side for the breed.

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