Adult Rabbits for Sale

Please email me using the contact page if you are interested in purchasing one of these rabbits. I may have others available that are not pictured here. Discounts are possible for those interested in pairs or groups.

Satin Angoras

SFF H1816 (chinchilla doe) – $50


  • Chinchilla doe (carries dilute “d”)
  • Purebred Satin angora
  • DOB: 6/29/2018

This young doe is out of Dill and Ophelia. She has incredible sheen. Her staple length is on the short side but still spin-able and easy to maintain. She also has a nice body underneath the wool.

Hybrid Angoras

SFF H1810 (Blue doe) – $50


  • Blue doe (may carry steel)
  • Hybrid: 50% French/ 50% Satin
  • DOB: 2/8/2018

I held on to this doe to see how she would mature, and she has not disappointed. She has both a nice coat and body. I will be keeping her sister and have a lot of other relatives in my herd, but I won’t be upset to see her stay either.

SFF H1854 (Ermine doe) – $50


  • Ermine doe
  • Hybrid: 53.1% Satin/ 29% French/ 17.9% German
  • DOB: 6/27/2018

This young doe has a nice staple length and texture and will probably only get better with age!

SFF Sam – $75

  • Broken fawn buck
  • Hybrid: 50% French/ 47% German/ 3% Satin
  • DOB: 11/26/2015

Sam was retained from a litter out of my favorite harli doe, Furiosa. He is a very laid back buck. He is proven and definitely has added German style coats to his offspring. He could pair well with a harli doe to produce tricolors. Pictured in partial coat.

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