Angora rabbits


Santee Field Farm breeds German and French/German angora rabbits. These rabbits are high-quality wool producers that can also serve as a dual purpose meat/wool animal.

  • Color – while not currently focused on a single color group, one goal of the farm is to produce a multitude of fiber colors to provide a more interesting natural color palette for artists to choose from, and to provide animals with unique markings that produce two or more different colors.
  • Fiber quality – breeding for fiber that offers a balance of density, softness and ease of care
  • Temperament – My rabbits are pets. That means that they are handled individually on a daily basis and are expected to be friendly, calm, and curious. Their gentle temperament is part of what makes an angora rabbit special.
  • Size and type – aimed to produce a medium/large rabbit for optimum fiber production and easy handling

All rabbits are pedigreed.