About the farm

Santee Field Farm is a small urban farm founded in December 2012. The main focuses of the farm are listed below:

  • Colored Purebred German and German hybrid angora rabbits
  • Registered mini-alpine and mini-lamancha dairy goats
  • Sustainable agriculture (chemical-free gardening, wildlife/butterfly gardens, cut flowers, sheet mulching, fruit and vegetable production)
  • Free ranging chickens and other poultry
  • Educational programs for kids and adults and collaboration with schools

The farm consists of roughly two acres, just down the street from Rolling View Marina and the Falls Lake Recreation area in Durham, North Carolina.

About me:

I am a young professional who works for a biotech company in RTP. I was born in Germany and worked as a child on a small farm nestled between the houses of the town in which my grandmother still lives today. My family moved to Vermont when I was six and this was where I went to school, visiting the German farm during summer vacation. It was a dream of mine since I could remember to have my own land, raise my own animals and food. I believe in a more traditional lifestyle both for our health and the health of the planet and hope to inspire and teach others the value of living close to the earth.